Goal Planning 2023 Challenge

Opens: February 11, 2023

Are You Setting the Right Goals for Yourself?

Increase Your Ability to Set and Achieve Your Goals in Only 5 Days!

  • Do you struggle with goal setting?

  • Is it hard for you to actually ACHIEVE the things you want?

  • Do you get nervous at the thought of setting goals?

There is much more to goal planning than just picking a goal and moving forward. While that is important, it is also vital to ensure that you set the most productive and effective goals to help you achieve success. The right goals can help you to reach success.

In just 5 days, you can learn powerful ways to SET and ACHIEVE your goals.

Bonus: To ensure that you are selecting the right goals for yourself, as a bonus for joining the Goal Planning 2023 Challenge you will receive the 101 Goal Setting Ideas. The guide will give ideas for setting goals for different areas of your life.

Once you purchase this challenge, you will have lifetime access.

This 5-day challenge will guide you through simple actions you can take daily that will increase your productivity and goal-setting ability.

5-Days of Emails

5-Day Workbook

5-Days of 15-to-30-minute recorded sessions

Opportunity to speak one-on-one on a Discovery Call

Join a community of Goal Achievers

BONUS: Receive a Copy of the 101 Types of Goals

Benefits of Goal Setting

Goals Give You a Sense of Purpose

All life has a meaning, however, without knowing your meaning or purpose it can seem unfulfilling. Goals provide meaning, structure, and a sense of purpose to your life. Goals steer people in the direction they want to be. When you have a goal, you will know where you are going.

Goals Help You Stay Focused

Maintaining focus can be hard to do, especially in this distraction-filled world. Goals encourage you to concentrate on what needs to be done to make it a reality. Without goals, it is too easy to become self-indulgent and take the path of least resistance, leading to mediocrity.

Goals Encourages You to Be Accountable

Setting a goal encourages taking action. It develops a sense of accountability as it increases awareness that inaction cannot provide the attainments of dreams and desires. There is great autonomy and self-mastery in being accountable to the goals that you have set for yourself.

Goals Give You the Chance to Live the Life You Want

We all have dreams, and goals are bridges between wishing for them and their attainment. Without goals, you are moved by life's happenings and not by your own choices. You must then accept only what it gives. Goals give your life meaning., both in achieving desires and working for them.

Goals Inspire You to Be Your Best

When you set a goal to achieve, you will have something that will encourage you to do better and to be better. You know that if you don't work towards it, and do what needs to be done, you will not be able to achieve that goal. Good goals are beneficial not only in their achievements but also for the person you must become to do so.

Goals Make Great Things More Achievable

Part of the goal setting is to break down a huge goal into smaller, more workable units. This is why a dream that can seem impossible can be a realistic goal. It requires planning to break the goal into do-able tasks and the work ethic to accomplish one small task after another.

Who is this challenge for:

  • Educators

  • Mental health professionals

  • Parents

  • Spiritual leaders

  • Entrepreneurs (new and seasoned)

  • Coaches

  • Administrators

  • Healers

  • Anyone interested in setting goals with the intention.


Testimonial 1:

"Setting self-care goals has been a game changer for me. I used to struggle with finding the time and motivation to prioritize my well-being, but with goal planning, I've been able to make self-care a priority. I feel more relaxed and confident, and my relationships with loved ones have improved as a result."

- Sarah

Testimonial 2:

"Goal planning has helped me take control of my own mental wellness. By setting specific and achievable goals related to self-care, I've been able to reduce stress and improve my overall well-being. I feel more in control of my life and more confident in my abilities to care for myself."

- Rachel

So, are you in?

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